What the pros say…

I wanted to thank you and your Performance Paddle Camp staff for making a much needed trip to Philadelphia, and more importantly Aronimink Golf Club. I’ve felt privileged to be involved in your paddle camps the last two seasons, and always leave feeling more enlightened than the last season.

I would first like to explain to you what the camps have meant to my staff and me. I have been teaching paddle for the past eight years…or so I thought! What I now realize is that for all but the last two seasons I was teaching my players how to “play better tennis” on the paddle court. I can say with great confidence that all of my student’s strokes have improved dramatically over the years. Only one problem, although they were “hitting” the ball better, they were not really playing better paddle. I’m probably not alone in this style of instruction. Your camps made it perfectly clear that the execution of the “strategy of paddle” was really where the matches are being won and lost, not by the best hits. My staff and I with your help have found a standardized method of teaching both the important strategies and techniques unique to paddle alone.

The impression you have made on my students has been even more dramatic than on the staff. For the first time my members have a plan that they can utilize at every level of competition, from beginner to tournament players. It is so encouraging to hear our players reinforcing the strategies that the instructors have been preaching in practices and lessons. I can assure you that Aronimink has bought into “the system” for which the strategy is affectionately named. Every week at interclub practices my students are explaining the reason for winning was “our opponents didn’t know the system.”

Having the camp at Aronimink in October has made us better, more credible paddle instructors and has raised the level of play, and more importantly the level of awareness at every level. Thanks again, we all can’t wait to see you again next year.

Andrew Sorrentino
Director of Racquet Sports

WPTC Winnetka, IL

“We’ve had Performance Paddle Camp in Winnetka for several years, and it has been enormously successful. First year campers are excited about using what they’ve just learned and repeat campers are excited about both the review and the new elements. For everyone, it’s a great transition into the season. Many of our teams have incorporated “2 dots” and other Performance Paddle techniques into their play. The focus on positioning alone has improved our teamwork tremendously. From beginner to advanced, the camp is well worth it. Keep up the good work, and see you next year.”

Isabel Cabanne, WPTC Winnetka, IL

Just a quick thank you for an awesome and “overwhelming” two days at Waynesborough. I am so excited to take my game to the next level and although I did not attend last year’s camp, I feel as though I now have my own foundation from which to build. You both, as well as Jay and Christi, did a fantastic job of sharing “so much” in so “little time”, that is quite a challenge in itself…thanks for your expertise and your enthusiasm…It was great to meet you…I will tell my sister (Carol Weir) that I finally had the pleasure…I look forward to a great season…best of luck to you as well.

Allison Miller

Port Washington Yacht Club

“Performance Paddle Camp was the best decision our club has made for their paddle members. It helped all the teams improve because together we were learning the same technique while learning the best strategies of the game. Everyone improved from beginner to advanced. Beginners learned the foundation of the game the proper way and the advanced players were able to take their skills to a new level by learning from the best! Gerri, Mike and Christi were excellent teachers — organized, logical, patient, fun and brilliant in their approach. We are all looking forward to the fall when we can do it again!”

Diana Holden
Port Washington Yacht Club
Port Washington, NY

Lakeshore Athletic Club

“For the last five years we have started our paddle season with Paddle Performance Camp clinics. Gerri & Mike continue to bring new strategies and drills — to sharpen our skills, game tactics and partner communication. And we have fun at the same time. Many of our players return year after year-that is a strong endorsement!! We have a wait list for spots for the Fall 2003 clinics. ”

Kathy Kenefick
Lakeshore Athletic Club
Chicago, IL

Camper Success Stories

The New Canaan Field Club women’s team won the New Canaan/Darien paddle league. NCFC’s team is captained by Diane Wooters and Lauren Bromberg and coached by Mike Gillespie. These women play with a purpose!


Great Season for Port Washington Yacht Club

Port Washington Yacht Club campers are happy to report a great season with their E Team (formerly F) continuing their rise up through the ranks, winning their division and moving up to D.

The D team came in 4th so next season PWYC will be hosting two D Teams. And in a heartbreaker the C team, which had been leading the whole season lost the division by 1 point!

Can’t wait to continue on next season.

Reached the Finals in a PCQ!
Well, we can now add another student of your method to your list of success … yes, I have just reached my first finals in a PCQ and am thrilled.

The thing that I notice the most is that I’m not physically exhausted the next day and my body is not screaming at me. I think this is because I’m in the right place on the court and not scrambling everywhere (most of the time). So thanks, Gerri and Mike, for making me much happier to be on the court.

Jane Wasilov